i hate darren criss
ugh darren stans are so fat how did they even fit in all the seats
u make me want to die

u make me want to die

Do you like twighlight or harry potter? i think it could explain all the darren hate (which i think is immature)


Can I just ask why do you have fun bashing people? They have FEELINGS too.

i dont care

In the words of the great Tyler Oakley, " you stupid ass motherfuckin' bitch ass hoe with your droopy ass vagina yo' stupid sloppy ass stinky ass pussy lips. Get the fuck outta my face, yo' stupid slutty ass, nappy-headed motherfuckin' bitch ass hoe." By the way sorry some of that is gross I didn't come up with it, but seriously if you're going to bash people it's just wrong. Celeberties have feelings and obviously you don't understand that.

Let’s leave his racist ass out of this

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no worries guys

no worries guys

catholicism is the religion i was brought up in so i feel comfortable saying that you can use my religion to hate on darren criss.

sorry nerdytrisha ladymarys said i could

dear darren stans, stop trying to invalidate someones criticisms of darren by going off at different tangents about justin bieber. darren's talent (which he has NONE) should be able to 'defend' himself by itself but clearly he has none and hes a fugly attention whore so someone REEEEEEEVVVVVVVVV UP THOSE FRIERRRRS cause theres gonna be a lot of more lonely darren stans tonight who are going to be needing some tlc from their soulmate mcdonalds

i swear this is like the best message i have ever read

No I'm not all of them, and that's the truth. You know why I'm not lying? Because it's a real commandment. Or y'know, to a Catholic bible. Look it up. Number eight.

you are my favorite