i hate darren criss

Nov 04


I see no difference.

pls get ur eyes checked

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Jan 16

“What the hell is going on with Darren Criss? We were super excited to see his performance in How to Succeed, until he started being crazy. Our sources tell us that he announced an impromptu performance at the stage door last week… with his theater troupe. His theater troupe that has nothing to do with the show that he’s in. The unrelated shenanigans reportedly created such pandemonium the police had to shut the stage door down, something they didn’t even have to do for his much more famous predecessor. Between that, his mile-long Playbill bio, and his opening-night awe at being able to make his Broadway debut so young (ahem, Nick Jonas was 7; Lea Michele was 8), we’re smelling a full-tilt ego trip over there at the Hirschfeld and it’s making us sad. Come back, Dan Radcliffe, and please bring all of your quiet class and work ethic with you…” —

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the golden globes were so much more enjoyable without darren acting a fool on the red carpet

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Jan 07


Anonymous said: Darren Criss is so bland... His mediocre voice and overrated reputation, ugh. But you know who I really hate? HIS ANNOYING, FUCKING UGLY DESPERATE FANS. Jesus Christ, can't even watch a fucking broadway show without being stampeded by screaming idiots. Can't even critique his weak performance without his fans showing up on every message board and website cursing your out, saying he's the most talented hobbit on Earth. His crazy fans need a reality check. And oh, thank you for this blog.

they are the worst part of the already fucking godawful glee fandom.

when you are the craziest of the crazies it’s time to start checking yourself.

Jan 06

this is almost worst than the pink glasses

this is almost worst than the pink glasses


pluviaticus said: You're acting so immature. More than that, actually; you're being low and foul. I can't believe that some of your reasons for hating him are his appearance. Just quit it with the religious things you're trying to work into your arguments. He is an actor-- there's no need for quotation marks around the word. I understand that everyone has different views, feelings, and opinions, but you're handling yours in all the wrong ways. I hate to be impolite, so I’m sorry, but you are rude.

stop insulting my faith or i will report u 2 tumblr asap

dont be so impolite

Jan 05

Anonymous said: you realise darren is getting amazing reviews for H2$ from everyone in singing, dancing and acting? so explain to me how he still sucks...

from what i heard from regular people (non-stans) his acting is all over the place and his voice is weak.

however, his dancing is good.

so there’s that i guess.

also, i heard that his stans have turned out to be raving lunatics in real life too. embarrassed for you.

Anonymous said: God says that, huh? So, your god/the bible has something to say about hate too, ya know? It says don't. May wanna read more carefully or shut up about religious stuff. Thanks :)

no i read that in the bible you’re wrong sorry

Jan 04